Course Overview

This series of seminars teaches how to create personal prayers and written petitions that are strategic, powerful, and effective. You will learn how to use intention, words of power, and positive affirmations to craft prayers that create powerful results in your life. You will also learn a simple method to structure your prayers, how to make prayer a priority, and the purpose of routine and repetitive prayer.

In This Course You Will

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  • understand the ins and outs of how to craft specific, strategic, and effective personal prayers
  • learn how to use prayers to petition assistance from ancestors and benevolent entities
  • hear how experienced priests use prayer in their everyday personal and professional practices
  • learn clear approaches to constructing prayers
  • understand how prayer functions as earnest supplication in ancestor veneration exercises

How Will This Course Help Me?

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  • You will learn how to create personal prayers that embody you sacred expression of praise and gratitude
  • You can effectively pray for yourself and others
  • You will learn how use prayer and sincere intention to communicate with the spirits walking with you

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