Course Overview

This course introduces students to the African metaphysical concept Ori and smoothly documents how to prepare Ori head blessing oil. It also includes a live coaching call answering questions specifically about the Ori and the oil. This head blessing oil protects the Ori from threatening or disagreeable energies, keeping one from being distracted from their purpose.

In This Course You Will

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  • understand the ins and outs of the Ori as a metaphysical concept and its importance in holistic wellness practices
  • learn how to create an oil that can be used in meditation, prayer, and other spiritual routines
  • hear how The Love Goddess and other experienced healers, readers, and priests protect and nurture their Ori
  • observe how experienced African priests and hoodoo practitioners create an oil for anointing your forehead, temples, and crown

How Will This Course Help Me?

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  • You will learn how the Yoruba concept Ori applies to an individual's destiny
  • You can offer Ori Head Blessing Oil to your clients
  • You will learn what plants and herbs attract positive vibrations and direct them towards the Ori
  • Bonus video - Live coaching call lecturing on and discussing the Ori

Ori Head Blessing Oil Syllabus

  Ori Head Blessing Oil Workshop
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  Bonus Material
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The Love Goddess

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I have the power to make your dreams come true. I am an eternal student of Hoodou and Ifa, specializing in love and romance magic, illusion spells, protection work, and mind control. My rampant addiction to African occult scholarship and teaching is part of a complex extension of my initiative to serve the world as a priestess. 

Spirit showed up in my life during a time when I felt alone. I did not understand what it meant to have a friend or family, and then suddenly I had both. I get treated so well by the dead that it feels unnatural when I am or have been mistreated by the living, in learning that you are never alone you become a lot more particular about the company that you keep.

Spirituality is the original blueprint, the roadmap to life; it represents the original instructions that we were given by God in order to make life easy and enjoyable here on Earth.

I am the CEO of The Hoodou Shoppe, a metaphysical supply store that sells handcrafted curios, potions, and perfumes. I am available for private consultations at The Vooodoo Institute.

With Love,

The Love Goddess