Course Overview

This series of seminars teaches about the basic tools and fundamental strategies required to work with magical plants, herbs, and waters. This course will draw on knowledge from a plethora of African spiritual practitioners to teach how to use the power of nature for magical purposes. You will learn the theoretical correspondences underpinning the magical properties of commonly found herbs. You will learn the foundations of blending and combining herbs to attract positive vibrations, banish negative energies, replenish your vitality, and reduce stress and anxiety. You will learn the proper techniques for using herbs in magical workings.

In This Course You Will

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  • understand the ins and outs of the magical and medicinal properties of plants and herbs commonly used in African traditional religions like hoodoo, Ifa, and voodoo
  • learn how to prepare, enchant, and use the energy within plants and herbs to create supernatural changes in your life
  • hear how experienced priests approach magical herbalism
  • learn clear approaches to working with herbs and crafting spells using them
  • understand how to blend and combine herbs to create sophisticated magical workings

How Will This Course Help Me?

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  • You can conduct magical workings for yourself and others
  • You can offer enchanted magical herbs to your clients
  • 📕 6 courses
  • 🎥 5 hours of video content

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