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Reverend Priestess

Osun Funke

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Priestess Osun Funke is an Iyanifa, an Osun priestess, an ordained minister, and a Hoodoo Queen of Memphis lineage.

The daughter of a deacon, Priestess Osun Funke's interest in religion blossomed and flourished in the Christian church. In her undergraduate studies, Priestess Osun Funke studied theology as part of a rigorous Jesuit curriculum. She has been a student of spirituality ever since. In her anthropological travels across the world, she analyzed and observed the different ways indigenous cultures around the world understood and interacted with divinity, mysticism, and organized religions.

Priestess Osun Funke’s quest for spiritual education and expansion have taken her to five continents. She has studied with world renowned master teachers in the holiest of places.

In 2019, Priestess Osun Funke founded The Orisa Hoodoo Institute, a burgeoning religious institute that promotes an innovative Pan-African spiritual study. Students of The Orisa Hoodoo Institute are introduced to the foundational and fundamental components of Ifa, Hoodoo, Voodoo, and the spiritual traditions of indigenous people worldwide.