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magicians in the ancient tradition of magic and service.

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An elite education in African

spirituality and religion

Choosing a spiritual path to follow is a big decision. Finding a trustworthy mentor is even bigger. That's why it’s important to get all the facts and study among a community of like-minded individuals.

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of our courses

Now that you know how to become a practitioner of ancient African spirituality, check out

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Featured Courses

blood magic, blood spells

Blood Magic Master Course

The blood magic course explores the use of blood as a powerful tool for ritualistic and spell-casting purposes within various cultural and magical traditions.

ancestor veneration, altars, and worship

How To Steal Ancestors

Everything you need to know about stealing ancestors and performing rituals to do so safely and successfully.

mind control magic and spells

Mind Control Magic Course

The mind control magic course teaches techniques and practices for manipulating and influencing the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of oneself and others through various magical traditions and methods.

blood magic, blood spells

How To Read Playing Cards

Master Course

This playing card divination course teaches students how to interpret the meanings and symbolism of playing cards for the purpose of gaining insight into past, present, and future events.

ancestor veneration, altars, and worship

Court Case Magic

Master Course

This court case spellwork and magic course teaches techniques for using magic to influence the outcome of legal proceedings.

mind control magic and spells

How To Read A Crystal Ball

A crystal ball divination course teaches students how to use a crystal ball as a tool for scrying and interpreting symbols, images, and messages from the subconscious mind or spiritual realm.

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